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the political potential of erotic energy

the political potential of erotic energy: a performance essay


the political potential of erotic energy: a performance essay

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erotic energy has political potential

sex and erotic energy has a purpose outside of procreating

we become healed during an erotic exchange

many people who identify as pleasure activists only focus on the sexual aspect of pleasure politics and ignore other areas of life

while this is important the reality is that we should center the erotic should in all aspects of our lives 

people frequently misread audre lorde’s essay “uses of the erotic: the erotic as power” as being purely about sex but i believe that she was theorizing that our whole lives can be erotic and juicy and luscious not just our bedroom lives (though our bedroom lives are certainly important and we can use the energy cultivated there and filter into other spaces of life)

we can become activated by erotic energy

we can become replenished by it and have the energy we need to annihilate the systems that we live under, such as neoliberalism and white patriarchal capitalism

when this energy lies dormant within us it festers and can affect us negatively

and we can feel stifled, forlorn, and restless

erotic energy can also be released in other ways outside of sex

art making, for example, can be an erotic act as well as teaching or any other kind of energetic exchange

anytime we are filling our cups we are contributing to our overall well being

and we are moving the earth closer towards utopia

when we are empty and depleted, we fall flat on our faces because we are exhausted

we don’t have the energy to show up for ourselves, let alone rupturing systems

this is why cultivating a pleasure practice that emphasizes the erotic is so important

in order for us to blossom into more pleasurable people and birth a more pleasurable world

Photo of a juicy, pink watermelon half drenched in red pomegranate seeds and blueberries. erotic energy has political potential!
Photo by Maria Talks on Unsplash